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Golden Sowers

Property of Nebraska Children's Choice Literary Award
Golden Sower Program

What is the Nebraska Golden Sower Award:

The Golden Sower Award is the children's choice literary award for the state of Nebraska.  The awards sponsors', the Nebraska Library Association, hope the program will sow seeds which: 
  • stimulate children's thinking
  • introduce different types of literature
  • encourages independent reading
  • increase library skills
  • foster an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustrating
The award is given annually to authors and illustrators who are voted on by children from the state of Nebraska by April 15th.  
The award is given yearly in three different categories: 
Picture Books Category: titles appropriate for grades kindergarten through 2nd. 
Chapter Books Category: titles appropriate for grades 3rd - 5th.
Golden Sower Novels Category: titles appropriate for grades 6-8+.
How does the Golden Sower Award program work at Horizon:
At the beginning of the school year, students are introduced to the nominees from each category. (10 each per category) Students have access to the nominees through the Horizon library, if a book is not available students may check with the Kearney Public Library, the ebook services, or place a hold on the book.  
How are students eligible to vote for the Golden Sower State Award:
Students must read or listen to at least 4 books from a category to be eligible to vote.  Once a student has read 4 books from a category they need to fill out the form in the school library and have their sheet added to the Golden Sower notebook. Students that have filled out the form will receive an invitation to the Golden Sower Party in April.  Voting takes place through a google form at the Golden Sower party, then the Horizon votes are submitted to the program by Mrs. Eatherton.
For more information on the Golden Sower Program contact: